Welcome, success buddy! I’m Kandace Willie.  I’ve spent my entire life waiting for this opportunity!  Inspiring, educating, and making a difference in people’s lives is and always has been my life ambition.

As a young single mother, I was married to my family and career the majority of my life.  Now with two adult children and almost 35 years of professional experience under my belt, I get to share how I have learned, earned and how I plan to return some of my most valued life lessons.

Navigating the road of life hasn’t been easy. I have had many roadblocks and obstacles to work through both personally and professionally.  Learn how I have used self-education to ’Succelerate’ my career and how embracing a growth mindset kept me moving forward, even in the most challenging situations.

So, today, I put my fear of judgment behind me to share a lifetime full of lessons learned the hard way and how ’Leaving Nowhere’ has brought me to exactly where I am intended to be.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your ‘Success Path’ and personal journey!


"Success is a sum of all your life lessons, stop chasing what is already yours."


  • Tony Zuniga
  • Nicole Corsaro
  • Amber Milton
  • Lucky Caldwell
  • Stephanie M Zollo

I had the pleasure of working with Kandace early on in my retail career. She is someone I’ve always admired for her natural leadership abilities. In the 3 years I worked for her, she not only taught me how to be a better manager but also a better person. She was very challenging to work for but she always spoke from the heart and managed to get the best out of you. Kandace inspired me to pursue the next step in my retail career, I followed her footsteps. She has that kind of impact on people. I wouldn’t be where I am at today if it wasn’t for her mentor-ship. I certainly miss working with her.

Tony Zuniga
Retail District Manager

I was so fortunate that Kandace became a part of my career path a few years ago; Kandace is a strong leader and a true motivator to have in your life. She gave me so much insight and knowledge of how to become a better manager and keep a strong focus on what I can make of myself in my career. Kandace was beyond inspirational and continues to be for me; she has always been able to keep me on the path of success and has really provided much wisdom and influence in shaping the person I have become today.

Nicole Corsaro
On the Path to Success

Kandace held very high standards and expected a lot from me as a General Manager. In turn, this encouraged me to do the same with my team. She was always supportive in helping me to reach the top and succeed! She believed in me and built my self-confidence in my own capabilities. She truly brought out the best in me and taught me to never settle with mediocre standards.

Amber Milton
CENTURY 21 Everest ~ Sales Agent

Kandace inspired me from the moment I met her. I was interviewing for a company I knew very little about. I sat down with her and was immediately in awe of how passionate she was. She sold me on the company culture and mission. It was a challenge and there were times I felt I was in over my head. Kandace saw my potential and pushed me to reach for my dreams. She helped me tap into my leadership abilities and learn to fly. I consider her my friend and my mentor. Whenever I have doubted myself in my life’s journey I look to her and what she has accomplished in her life and it helps me refocus. I have seen her inspire so many different people to succeed. She has no idea the impact she has had on not only myself but so many others. Her determination to continually challenge herself and never give up is an inspiration for us all. If I could even be half the person she is in life I would consider myself very lucky indeed. Kandace is a literal Superwoman!

Lucky Caldwell
K and C Naturals ~ Marketing Director

I have spent almost half my life telling anyone who will listen in any business or leadership environment about this woman I know, Kandace. Just under twenty years ago I was working in a small store- Hot Topic; in a medium size mall- Coronado; in the biggest little town- Albuquerque, NM. Kandace was hired as our District Manager and came into my life on a whirlwind of smiles, affirmations, boisterous laughter, and yes- fishnet stockings.

From the beginning of our relationship this woman has impressed me. Not only is she stunning to behold, but she is brilliant, strategic, supportive, and downright hilarious. Her use of daily affirmation to set the tone of the day, week, and often the hour showed me that you truly can set your own expectation of every moment in life- even if it got away from you for a time.

Kandace taught me that you can raise a family; get a degree; have a career; and still enjoy life- previously unheard of in my sphere. She taught me that it is acceptable to fail if you learn from those mistakes...

Stephanie M Zollo
Senior Library Technician

"In the face of adversity, disappointment or failure stay strong embrace the hurt and let it be your catalyst for finding a way to succeed."

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