about me

Hello!  I’m Kandace. I’m proud to say, well into my mid-life years, I’m still hellbent on overcoming whatever adversity life sends my way and proving the people that thought I was going nowhere wrong.

Sitting in my one-bedroom apartment, looking at my four-year-old daughter and infant son, my ex-husbands words echoed in my head, “you will always, and forever be a welfare mama.”  It was at that moment that I decided that my situation would not define me.  I promised my beautiful children that I would do everything in my power to give them the life they deserved.

the early years

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I was headstrong and eager to blaze my own trail from a very young age.  This defiant behavior earned me an MMA (Most Mistakes made as an Adolescent) award before I was twenty.

By the time I was nineteen I had two children and was divorced for the first time. Determined to move past the emotional, physical and sexual abuse I had endured, I set off to conquer the world with my two children in tow. I was Los Angeles bound.  A move that would be the first of many.

growing pains

Surviving as a young single parent was daunting. I was working multiple jobs, going to school and was dependent on government assistance to pay my rent and day care.  Was this it?  Was this the best life I could provide my children?

I had two choices.  I could continue in my current state or I could push to transition my job into a career. I wanted more for myself and my children.  I purchased the first three leadership books that would become the catalyst for my self-development and education journey.

achieving success

The day finally arrived.  I was promoted to a position that would not only improve my life; it would allow me to be financially independent.   I was a young single mother and now I could add executive to my title.

I have spent over twenty-five years as a manager and executive at multiple Fortune 500 companies.  I have achieved top performing results, contributed to the development and growth of multiple individuals, and continued my own personal journey of self-development.

the future is bright

I’m grateful for the many life lessons I have learned both personally and professionally.  I have had many great mentors that have contributed to my success, if it was in person or through their words.  I have been called a self-development junkie.  It’s true.  I love learning almost as much as I love teaching.

My passion in its truest form can be summarized by saying, I thrive on helping others become the best version of themselves.  I want everyone to feel the pride of accomplishing their goals and finding their own version of personal and professional success.

I have always said, “Overcoming adversity today, will be your success tomorrow.”

let life happen, a better you is waiting on the other side

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