10 guiding principles

Self-Worth: Take personal ownership, no one can take your power or confidence without your permission. Be kind to yourself and remember you are in the driver’s seat.

Vision: Your personal definition of success will vary and change throughout your life; the goal is to move forward in your journey regardless of your starting point.

Self-Awareness: Recognize and accept where you currently are in life, situationally and literally.

Direction: Align your actions and choices with your values, goals and aspirations, without a road map your destination is unpredictable.

Values: Use your heart, mind and faith as your compass, your internal travel guides are always with you.

Choice: Exercise the gift of choice, be courageous, put your fear in the backseat and be willing to choose another lane if the lane you are in ends or is leading you in the wrong direction.

Consequence: Consider the consequences associated with your choices, redirect and course correct when you experience roadblocks.

Education: Experience equals knowledge, learn from your fortune and mistakes, a bump in the road will only slow you down temporarily.

Connection: Surround yourself with individuals that inspire and encourage you, your travel companions should support and provide guidance along the way.

Transition: Leave with grace, integrity and your character intact, how you leave your current trip will influence how you arrive at your destination.

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